Guided meditations

Here are some guided meditations that you might find useful for your own practice. Your browser will likely let you play them directly from this page, but you can also download the MP3 files and store them on your phone or media player to use at your convenience – click on the three dots at the right-hand end to download.

Short guided meditations

These are nice meditations for when you have just a few minutes. For best effect, try and sit for meditation every day – ten or twelve minutes isn’t too much time to take for yourself, after all!

Ten minute guided bodyscan meditation, suitable for beginners
Ten minute guided breath meditation, suitable for beginners
NEW! Twelve minutes, starting with happiness and joy and moving to the breath
Ten minute guided loving-kindness mediation, suitable for beginners

Meditations to help with sleep

Many people have problems getting to sleep, either when they first go to bed, or when they wake in the night. These meditations use techniques from Yoga Nidra to take your body into a state of sleep, or deep relaxation. Science tells us that deep relaxation is about 80% as effective as sleep, so if that’s where you get to, then that’s fine.

Eight minutes to take your body through relaxation towards sleep
Fourteen minutes of progressive relaxation, helping you get to sleep or to a state of deep calm

Meditations to build your skills

This next meditations are designed to help build introspective awareness – our awareness of our own thinking processes. It’s a really important skill to build, and can help you significantly in your everyday life (your time “off the cushion”, as mediators sometimes call it!)

We can do this by “checking in” every few breaths during our meditation. This just means glancing around the theatre of our mind, and noticing if any small sensations or thoughts are starting to appear. If we can notice them when they’re small, then we can perhaps avoid them taking over our awareness, and pushing the breath into the background.

Ten minute meditation with checking in
Twenty minute guided meditation with checking in

Longer meditations

Once you’re training your meditative muscles, you might want to keep going for a little longer. These meditations will help you do that.

Twenty minute guided breath meditation

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